The Founders


It possible to search for products effectively, compare features, and choose a manufacturer using personal criteria - so why shouldn't it be possible to do the same thing with providers of complex services?

We are convinced: Customers look for the most suitable service providers for their specific needs. And most service providers prefer to be differentiated between based on the particular work they do rather than simply being the least expensive.

We strengthen companies and service providers who are proud of their services and want to make them transparent and comparable for customers. We generate synergy between service providers, their suppliers, and customers which is complete as well as specific for each service field and we support sustainable business relationships.

We develop this platform - together with service providers from all service fields - as more than the logical further development of trade fairs and branch books.

Our goal is to develop an international 'social' project which allows the world to work together better in the future.

Jens Hoppe   Founder and CTO

Jens Hoppe is a dedicated developer of web-based content management products and social software solutions. Jens has founded and managed several successful companies in the software and internet branch, such as Contens Software GmbH and Latershare. His experience with diverse large customers and partners in the IT industry and the web scene confirm how important it is for service providers to be differentiated between based on services provided. Like Sebastian, he was missing the central platform for complex project references on the internet through which it is possible to quickly find successfully completed projects and suitable service providers. In his eyes, this was a more than good reason to develop

Sebastian Illing   Founder and shareholder

The idea of was born out of his personal experience in the building industry. As a project manager, in business development, and as a sales manager, he was constantly asking himself the same question: How can I quickly, efficiently, and comprehensibly find suitable service providers for third parties? And how can I generate lucrative deals based on criteria such as quality and services rather than just the lowest price?

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