The most extensive Project Reference Management & Reference Marketing System with over 125 Features

Project Reference Management

  • Create, edit, publish, revoke, delete project references
  • Industry tabs with industry-specific filter blocks
  • Cross-sector filter block
  • Internal, company-specific filters
  • Configurable PDF generation & print view of project reference lists (also in customer-specific design)
  • Configurable Excel export of your own project reference lists
  • Client Management
  • Management of the products used

Project Reference Form

Comprehensive, user-friendly project reference form with several tabs and sections:
  • Reference base data
  • Industry-specific reference properties, filter options selection
  • Possibility to add industry-specific project properties (user-generated content structuring), including form builder
    • Add services
    • Add properties (global or company-internal fields)
    • Add property options
    • Add work fields & sections
  • Details about the services provided
  • Media & Uploads
    • Stage images
    • 360° photos or tours for viewing with VR glasses or tablets
    • Images for the popup gallery
    • PDFs (presentations, press releases, etc.)
    • Video integration from Youtube or Vimeo
    • Audio files
  • Products used
  • Project partners and their roles
  • Awards received
  • Release status per language version (German, English)
  • Differentiation of publicly visible / internally used references
  • In-house data
  • For construction industries: DQB-relevant additional fields
  • Possibility to add company's internal project properties (user-generated content structuring), including form builder
    • Add internal properties
    • Add internal property options
    • Edit internal property options and change their sorting
  • Meta data

Project Reference

  • Comprehensive project reference profile with all data provided via the project reference form
  • Inline edit links within your project references
  • Image gallery with touch gesture support
  • Online reference confirmation process with customer quote / testimonial
  • Configurable PDF generation & print view (also in customer-specific design)
  • Project references in your corporate design as a PowerPoint download (via custom powerpoint template)
  • For construction industries: Support of the DQB prequalification procedure - DQB reference certificate PDF generation according to form 444 based on the reference data recorded in

Company Profile Management

  • Company master data
  • About us: Company information, imprint, social media links
  • Locations
  • News / Blog articles
    • RSS feed news import
    • Twitter tweet import
  • Job offers
  • Service portfolio
  • History / Timeline
  • Partner
  • Media & Uploads
    • Image uploads
    • Video integration from Youtube or Vimeo
    • PDFs (company presentations, press reviews, etc.)
  • Management of the issued reference confirmations

Company profile


  • Statistics and quick links
  • Checklist for company profile
  • Checklist for project references
  • Recent search results (compact)
  • Current watch list
  • Platform news

Powerful search

  • Search-as-you-type with quick links to industries, project references, companies and news
  • Industry structure tree / Mega menu with over 650 service industries
  • Industry overview pages with sub-industry lists and project reference and company lists
  • Industry-specific filter blocks with currently over 10,150 filter options, constantly growing due to user input
  • Additional filter option search and selection via popup for large filter lists
  • Filter lists can be sorted alphabetically or according to frequency of use
  • Various sorting options for the search result lists
  • List or tile view of the results
  • List of recent search results

Comparison View

Watch Lists / Bookmarks



  • Conversation History
  • Conversation messages in thread view
  • Inquiries: Interested parties can contact companies without providing their email address
  • Invitation feature
  • Reference confirmation requests
  • Release workflow related internal communication

User Management

  • Rights management with 16 user roles
  • Notification settings for workflows
  • User image upload for images in correspondence emails
  • Multi-client management
    • Management of several company profiles with one account, e.g. as an agency
    • Private use (without company account)

Plan & Account Status

Import & Export

  • Import
    • of project references from third-party systems via JSON interface
    • via Excel & CSV (planned)
    • Detailed mapping of the provided services and industry-specific properties
  • Export your own data
    • Company profile data export (JSON), with media files (ZIP)
    • Project references export (JSON, PDF), with media files (ZIP)



Special Technical Features

  • Responsive layout
  • Multilingual interface (German and English)
  • Consistent management of multilingual content (German, English) in all forms
    • Form language switch (de <> en)
    • Translation views (de > en, en > de)
  • SaaS cloud server location at 1und1 in Germany
  • Optimization & compression of images
  • Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network for global high-performance delivery

Our project references have always been the basis on which we convince our customers of our quality and performance. With we document easily and efficiently and at the same time support our marketing and sales.

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