FAQ - Other

How can I/we offer critique, praise, or suggestions?

We are thankful for all praise, every suggestions, and take every critique seriously. Your suggestions for the improvement of done.by products and services help us to make done.by more attractive and successful for you. We look forward to hearing your feedback at: info@done.by.

Are the costs for done.by services tax deductible?

done.by is a business platform and serves the construction, administration, and upkeep of business contacts. Monthly billing amounts fall fully under the heading of sales costs or advertisement costs, and can be counted as such for the German tax office. Also, usage for work other than your main job can be made deductible. Your tax advisor can further advise you if you are unsure or have questions.

How do I delete my/our free company profile?

Do you want to delete your free company profile without the possibility of recall? Please be aware that we cannot recreate your profile after you have decided to delete it permanently. We recommend that you consider the advantages and disadvantages of deleting the profile before making the final decision.

The cancelation can be completed by a company using the contact form, which is reachable from every done.by page, or by sending a letter to done.by (see footer). In the cancelation done with the contact form it is necessary to provide the company name, the user name of the responsible editor and any other authorised editors, plus their email addresses. A cancelation using the contact form is necessary from one other authorised editor for confirmation.

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