FAQ - Login / Security

Forgot your log in data - what can you do?

If you are not sure with which email address you registered on done.by, check to which email address we send our correspondences (e.g. registration confirmation, newsletter).

If you forget your password, click on ‘Forgot Password?’ below the log in box.

If you no longer have access to your email address, contact our support by email support@done.by. We will assist you further.

Is personal contact information visible to everyone?

All information (e.g. email addresses) that you put in the company profile and project references that you publish is visible. Even without published personal contact information, you can be contacted through your done.by mailbox. Use alternative, neutral email addresses such as info@. For more information see our Privacy Statement.

Where is your data saved?

Your data is protected. Everything that you save with done.by will automatically be handled confidentially. In the confines of internal reference management, information saved is neither seen nor analysed. Our business principle in not based on ‘making money’ with your information in any way, rather, we charge a nominal monthly fee for published references and deep links that are for the purposes of promotion. We want to create trust and offer a first class service for which more and more people are willing to pay.

There are functions on done.by with which it is possible to publish your watch list and to share it with other users. This is, however, optional - whether you use it or not, it up to your discretion.

In addition, we meet several security precautions to protect your data from loss or theft. Everything that is placed under the heading Reference Management or Watch Lists with us is saved in our secure computer centre on several redundant servers, memory media, and offsite backups. The data communication between web browsers and our servers in the areas of ‘My References’, ‘My Company Profile’, and ‘Correspondence’ is encrypted with the standard protocol SSL. Selectively, this also applies to the areas of ‘Search Results’ and ‘Watch Lists’.  For your password, only the hash version is saved on our website, meaning that no one but you can log in with this password. No one from done.by will ever ask you for it. Learn more in our Data Protection Statement.

What is the 4 eyes principle on done.by?

With the 4 eyes principle you ensure that at least one other person from your company has given permission to publish your company profile and project references before they are published. You can choose your settings under ‘My Company Profile’ > ‘Users & Rights’ > ‘Delegated Rolls’ to tell what contents are to be checked, and therefore ensure the conditions of quality and security for your data are met. The 4 eyes principle is included in the Pro Features package and can easily be booked. See the done.by service packages

Is the security of your data guaranteed?

The data communication between web browsers and our server occurs in the areas of ‘My References’, ‘My Company Profile’, and ‘Correspondence’ over a secure 128 bit SSL encryption, in combination with current browsers over a 256 bit encryption. Selectively, this also applies to the areas of ‘Search Results’ and ‘Watch Lists’. This is the same encryption method that, for example, banks use for online banking. We handle all user data strictly in accordance with the European data protection policy and guarantee to not give it to a third party.

Please be aware of our Data Protection Rules. We are available to answer any questions under: info@done.by.

How is content of a company profile and project reference publicly visible?

All contents of your company profile and your project references will only be viewable after you have published it. Project references can also be published in instalments, because they could contain sensitive internal data (e.g. prices). The publication of individual areas and contents can be delegated to responsible parties in your company through allocation of rolls and rights under ‘My Company Profile’ > ‘Users & Rights’.

How is it checked that employees are authorised to create and edit a company profile for a company?

By recognising the general company guidelines for company profiles, an employee confirms that he/she has authorisation from the company. An unauthorised creation of a company profile can be prosecuted by law. Criteria for checking by done.by are, for example, company email recognition and confirmation through a second person from the company, proof of sole responsibility/company ownership, and for freelancers - through a personal statement and proof of identity. In all cases, the head of the company will be informed about the creation of a profile on done.by.

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