FAQ - Free Company Profile

What is a company profile?

Your quick and easy to create company profile is your company sign on done.by and on the internet. With you company profile, you inform your customers using all the relevant information of a professional company website. Job vacancies, press releases, blog entries, and twitter messages, plus media data such as photos. audio data, PDF downloads, and video links can be published for free or kept current through online interfaces linking to the data source. With your free company profile on done.by, you engage in highly efficient online marketing. Create company profile

Can retailers and product manufacturers create and use a free company profile?

Every company can create a free company profile on done.by and use free content marketing, respectively SEO. Particularly in connection with other service providers as partner companies, sustainable business relationships can be built and viral online marketing established through recommendations, confirmations of project references, and mutual links. Create company profile

Who can create a company profile for a company?

Principally, any registered user on done.by and employees authorised by the company's rights of use can create and edit a company profile. By recognising the general terms of use for a company's profile, the employee confirms that the company has given authorisation. The rights of use are checked by done.by before activating the profile. Create company profile

How can a company profile be published?

Before the activation of company profiles, the rights of use are checked by done.by. Until that is complete, the company profile is not visible to the public. After the activation, the complete contents are visible on the internet. It is important to check which information you want to be visible on the internet before asking for authorisation of publishing. Employees who have certain rolls and rights (such as publishing job vacancies) can edit and/or publish. Alternatively, you can use the 4 eyes principle on done.by in order to ensure the accuracy of published information, so that only reviewed project references are published. Create company profile

How is a vanity URL generated?

A vanity URL is a URL that is easy to remember and has an expressive word combination. When creating a company profile, a vanity URL is generated by done.by. This is a combination of the branch name, 'done.by', and the company name, e.g. webdesign.done.by/exampleagency-inc. The vanity URL can be changed. The complete company name can be made easier to remember, e.g. webdesign.done.by/exampleagency. The vanity URL will only be give to the company for the length of the publication of the company profile.

What is a company profile subscription?

Users on done.by have the opportunity to subscribe to your company profile and receive current information from your company. Users learn when new job vacancies become available, new references are published, or news about the company is published. Create company profile

What does a good company profile contain?

Your company profile on done.by is your business card on the internet. Stay interesting and inform your customers and business partners about the current happenings in your company. In addition to your service portfolio and your contact information, job vacancies, press releases, blog posts, and twitter messages can be interesting for visitors to your company profile. Include high quality and expressive media such as photos, audio files, and PDF downloads. Also, integrate your videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Show awards, memberships in organisations, and your portfolio of social engagement. Have links to partner companies on done.by and use deep links in order to make your profile more interesting. Create company profile

How can I/we increase the chances of being found on the done.by website and through search engines?

Highly expressive and professional photos and multimedia data increase the attractiveness of your references and your company profile. We recommend filling out your company profile completely. Every published project reference increases your chances of being found on done.by and on the internet. Avoid long texts and be sure to use expressions your customers know and would use in a search. Help partner companies by mentioning them in your profile and your references and providing links to them. Use deep links to make you profile more interesting and generate income.

Can there be several company profiles, respectively sub-profiles, for a company?

Per company, one company profile can be created. If you work for more than one company or represent other companies, you can create a company profile for each of these companies. When you are logged in, you can easily move between your company accounts. It is not possible to create sub-profiles for companies.

Is personal contact information visible to everyone?

All information (e.g. email addresses) that you put in the company profile and project references that you publish is visible. Even without published personal contact information, you can be contacted through your done.by mailbox. Use alternative, neutral email addresses such as info@. For more information see our Privacy Statement.

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