FAQ - Deep-Links

What is a deep link?

The products you use as a service provider can be used in your project references or company profile through so-called deep links to online shops and the product websites of suppliers. Buyers will be inspired by products, get information about them, and even buy them directly. New customer contacts generated through such links are of high quality to the company running the linked website as they are from the target customer group. Service providers benefit from the increased informativeness of their project references and, when applicable, from the availability of professional product photos on the linked website. More in Deep Links Terms & Conditions

How do service providers benefit from deep links?

With a few clicks, invite in suppliers, retailers, and partner companies to generate new customers of high quality with deep links in your project references. Your project references will be more interesting and valuable for viewers when they can easily inform themselves about the products you use, etc. Show your customers that you partner with other reputable companies and benefit from the regularly available professional product photos, which can increase the attractiveness of your project reference. In addition, your account will be credited with up to a third of the income generated by deep links in your project references.

How do suppliers and retailers benefit from deep links?

Create a free company profile on done.by and invite in service providers to publish project references on done.by for which your products were used. The new customers generated through project references and company profiles are for you, the owner of the targeted link, of high quality because the customers come from the target customer group. Buyers will be inspired by seeing your products used in project references, can become more informed through the website of the deep link, and can even order products directly.
Help service providers by making your high quality product photos available to make the reference website which is the source of the deep link more interesting.

Who can create deep links?

The creation of deep links is part of the company profile and project references, so the same people in the company who have permission to do such. For activation of deep links, a confirmation from the linked website manager and owner is necessary. done.by is authorised to deny activation and even delete deep links should they be contrary to the AGB Deep Links for done.by.

How is the bill for deep links calculated?

The bill is given directly to the owner of the targeted website of a deep link. The basis of calculation is the number of clicks on the deep link. There is a possibility of controlling costs through the activation of a budget account, monthly budget maximums, or the possibility of calculating per bill for a fixed period of time. A third of the profit is credited to the owner of the applicable project reference or company profile.

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