Company Mission Statement


What do we want to achieve together?

The technical changes of the pervious three decades in the fields of communication have drastically changed many other areas such as work, leisure time, and the media. People from around the world can contact each other in no time, exchange information, and form strong communities. would like to soon be a driving force in the sensible and peaceful use of these developments. In order to make our roll clear, we have formulated a mission statement. It is designed to help us stay focused on our goal:

The mission statement is designed to answer the question 'Why are we developing and powering an online platform for service providing?' It explains our fundamental values in regards to our customers, investors, and the society around us, as well as our motivation for our daily actions.

Requirements and Challenges
We are developing and powering an online platform for services and a central database for project references. Complex service promises from service providing companies can be compared by the users of our platform using personalised search criteria. We offer the basis for transparency and trust between customers and service providers, and help suitable partners to find each other from the start.

Understanding and Integrating Customers
We are constantly dialoguing with customers and desire to build a deep understanding of the needs of the users. Through the integration of customers in our transparent development process, we wish to get a maximum value for our customers and to support them in optimally offering their potential.

Driver of Innovation
Through the development of new industry sectors, we plan to continually expand the offerings on our site for our customers. The intensive collaboration with our customers allows us to consistently develop our technology, our products, and our services and to create our common future together.

Trust and Reliability
The trust of our customers is important. We continually work to improve the quality of our products and services. We live responsibility, transparently, and reliability.

Think and Act Globally
We think and act globally. We are engaged in the surroundings in which we live and work. To mention an important point, we are convinced that the education of children and adults is the key to individual self-determination and freedom in the world.
We also mention the importance of improving international collaboration, including among small companies, through which self-determination, freedom, and prosperity in developing nations can be improved.

Enthusiastic Co-workers
In order to realise our mission statement we choose co-workers who are curious, open, creative, and dynamic. Our co-workers are enthusiastic about the branch and issues of our customers and are excited about developing and implementing progressive solutions. We evaluate our results, even those that are successful at the time. We respect each person without being obligated to tolerate every action.

Together the Best
Good is not good enough for us. Together, we wish to be the best in all we do. Vision

What do we stand for as a community?

We want to be known as the online media company which works with companies and their customers better than anyone else and to run the most relevant, complete, and authentic online platform for service providing in the world.

We want to be a magnet for everyone who holds quality, efficiency, and transparency as core values and who themselves live them. Together with service providers, we wish to create a worldwide recognised standard for the compilation of references and to make services comparable by everyone. We wish that every person finds the most suitable service provider and through this can realise their individual goals, meaning a win-win situation.


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